Your Local Partner in the North

Why choose a local partner?

  • Local knowledge
  • Save time and money

Why VICAN as a local partner?

  • Breadth of expertise and network
  • Unique ability to see the whole picture
  • Local knowledge – we help you experience Northern Norway the best way
  • Solid references with approximately 100 % repurchase rate
  • Competitive prices – our expertise gives us the advantage of working efficiently

We can assist you with following:

  • Find the appropriate venue for your event
  • Social program and activities
  • Collect offers from potential suppliers and set up a budget 
  • Practical and technical facilitation 
  • Professional participant service, payment and registration
  • Arena design
  • Exhibitor handling
  • Hotel booking
  • Secretariat service
  • Execution
  • Financial management and administration

«I can assist you with creating an unforgettable experience for your guests, both in a professional and social arena. We are passionate about arena design, unique experiences and we know what works!»

Mona Hassfjord, Producer

«I can assist you with budgeting, creating a business model and pricing strategy, acquire good prices on local services, handle incoming documents and creating a project account. Full overview and control!»

Natalie Lorentzen, Finance

«We can assist you in planning and execution of events. And most importantly, we will be there for you through the whole event and make sure everything is going according to plan. You’ll always have someone to lean on!»

Sandra Aminda Indahl, Project manager

«We have great tools for both registration and payment and I can help you just as much as you need. The registration system we use provides great flexibility, good reports and it is cheap to use. Save time and money with VICAN!»

Julie Robertsen, coordinator

«I can assist you with your hotel bookings, hotel lists, keep track of deadlines, communicate with suppliers and take care of all the small details around the event. Safe and effective!»

Tobias Becker Merok, coordinator

We make great conferences greater!

It will be our pleasure to assist you, please contact us for a chat:


Mobile phone: +47 411 60 401

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